A great first visit to the dentist

A little while ago, we discussed when you should consider making your child’s first dental appointment.  At Moore Family Dental, it’s obvious they love to see kids.  It seems to livens up their day.  This is clearly demonstrated in the video to the right which is a three year old’s first dental visit to Moore Family Dental.

For those parents who are wondering how your child may behave at the dentist, take a minute to review this video.  It’s important to note that this first time patient had never been in the facility or met the staff prior to this appointment.  Within a matter of minutes with Virginia Lelli he was right at home.  She took the time to demonstrate all of the dental instruments she would be using prior to the cleaning.  Virginia is amazing with children and an avid Sponge Bob Square Pants enthusiast.

Dr. Michael Moore then had the opportunity to meet the patient and complete a comprehensive oral evaluation.  Dr. Moore, having four children, has the ability to quickly bond with patients while putting a smile on their face.  If you are uncertain about when or where to schedule that first dental visit, take a closer look at Moore Family Dental.  They bring an advanced skill set, but perhaps more importantly, the personal interaction to make you feel relaxed and welcome.