Orascoptic DK cancer screening

Orascoptic DK Cancer ScreeningThe DK oral lesion cancer screening instrument works in conjunction with a mild acetic acid rinse to improve the visualization of oral lesions. The DK exam enhances the ability to identify potentially cancerous tissue at its earliest stages. Early detection of pre-cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the disfiguring effects of oral cancer and possibly save a life!

Oral Lesion Screening

The reality of oral cancer*

  • Each year over 30,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer
  • 1 out of 4 oral cancers detected are in patients who do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • When detected in later stages, the survival rate from oral cancer is just 50%

A glimmer of hope*

  • When detected in its earliest stages, oral cancers have an 80% – 90% cure rate

Physicians do not include an oral lesion screening in their annual patient exams. It is up to the dentist to identify abnormal tissue, preferably during its earliest stages when it is highly curable. The Orascoptic DK oral lesion screening instrument augments a conventional examination by improving the visualization of oral lesions.